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Single cell transcriptomics reveals dynamic role of smooth muscle cells and enrichment of immune cell subsets in human abdominal aortic aneurysms.

Davis, FM, Gallagher KA.

Annals of Surgery 2022 Sept 1;276(3):511-521. 35762613


IFNk is critical for normal wound repair and is decreased in diabetic wounds.

Wolf S, Audu CO, Joshi AD, denDekker AD, Melvin WJ, Davis FM, Xing X, Wasikowski R, Tsoi LC, Kunkel SL, Gudjonsson JE, O’Riordan MX, Kahlenberg JM, Gallagher KA.

JCI Insight 2022 May;7(9):e/52765. 35358091


Macrophage-specific inhibition of the histone demethylase JMJD3 decreases STING and pathologic inflammation in diabetic wound repair.

Audu CO, Melvin WJ, Joshi A, Wolf S, Moon JY, Davis FM, Barrett EC, Mangum K, Deng H, Xing X, Wasikowski R, Tsoi LC, Sharma SB, Bauer TM, Shadiow J, Corriere MA, Obi AT, Kunkel SL, Levi BS, Moore BB, Gudjonsson JE, Smith, AM, Gallagher KA.

Cellular and Molecular Immunology 2022 Nov; 19(11):1251-1262. 361277466


The Histone Methyltransferase MLL1/KMT2A in Monocytes Drives Coronavirus-Associated Coagulopathy and Inflammation.

Sharma SB, Melvin WJ, Audu CO, Bame M, Rhoads NM, Wu W, Kanthi Y, Knight J, Adili R, Holinstat M, Wakefield TW, Henke P, Moore BB, Gallagher KA, Obi AT.

Blood 2022 Dec 9;blood.2022015917.  doi: 10.1182/blood.2022015917. 36493338


Macrophage-mediated PDGF activation correlates with regenerative outcomes following musculoskeletal trauma.

Chowdary A, Maerz T, Henn D, Hankenson K, Pagan C, Marini S, Gallagher KA, Aguilar C, Tower R, Levi BS.

Annals of Surgery 2022 Sept 15; doi:10.1097/SLA0000000000005704. 36111847


Multi-ancestry GWAS deciphers genetic architecture of abdominal aortic aneurysm and highlights PCSK9 as a therapeutic target.

Roychowdhury T, Klarin D, Levin MG, et al.

MedRxiv May 2022.


The Role of Epigenetic Modifications in Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Pathogenesis.

Mangum KD, Gallagher KA, Davis FM.

2022 Jan; 21(2): 172. Biomolecules. 35204673


Dextran-Mimetic Quantum Dots for Multimodal Macrophage Imaging In Vivo, Ex Vivo, and In Situ.

Deng H, Konopka CJ, Pabhu S, Sarkar S, Medina NG, Fayyaz M, Gamage HEV, Shahoei SH, Nall D, Youn Y, Dobrucka IT, Audu CO, Joshi A, Melvin WJ, Gallagher KA, Selvin PR, Nelson ER, Dobrucki LW, Swanson KS, Smith AM.

ACS Nano 2022 January. 35107994



Macrophage-Mediated Inflammation in Diabetic Wound Repair.

Wolf SJ, Melvin WJ, Gallagher KA.

Review Article, Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology 2021 June 25;S1084-9521(21)00164-6, doi:10.1016/jsemcdb.2021.06.013. 34183242

Coronavirus induces diabetic macrophage-mediated inflammation via SETDB2.

Melvin WJ, Audu CO, Davis FM, Sharma SB, Joshi A, denDekker AD, Wolf S, Barrett E, Mangum K, Zhou X, Bame M, Ruan A, Obi, AT, Kunkel SL, Moore BB, Gallagher KA.

PNAS. 2021. Sept 21;118(38):e2101071118. 34479991


Inhibition of macrophage histone demethylase JMJD3 protects against abdominal aortic aneurysms.

Davis FM, Tsoi LC, Melvin WJ, denDekker AD, Wasikowski R, Joshi AD, Wolf S, Obi AT, Billi AC, Xing X, Audu CO, Moore BB, Kunkel SL, Daugherty A, Lu HS Gudjonsson JE, Gallagher KA.

JExpMed 2021 June 7;218(6). 33779682.



Epigenetic Regulation of the PGE2 Pathway Modulates Macrophage Phenotype in Normal and Pathologic Wound Repair.

Davis FM, Tsoi LC, Wasikowski R, denDekker A, Joshi A, Wilke C, Deng H, Wolf SJ, Obi AT, Huang S, Billi AC, Robinson S, Lipinski J, Melvin WJ, Audu CO, Weidinger S, Kunkel SL, Smith A, Gudjonsson JE, Moore BB, Gallagher KA.

JCI Insight. 5(17): e138443, Sept 2020. 1172/jci.insight. 32879137


Ly6CLo Monocyte/Macrophages are Essential for Thrombus Resolution in a Murine Model of Venous Thrombosis.

Obi AT, Kimball AS, Dowling A, Cai Q, Adili R, Jank H, Jaffer J, Schaller M, Henke PK, Kunkel S, Gallagher KA.

Thromb Haemost 120(2):289-299, Aug 1, 2020. 31887775


Palmitate-TLR4 Signaling Regulates the Histone Demethylase, JMJD3, in Macrophages and Impairs Diabetic Wound Healing.

Davis FM, denDekker A, Joshi A, Wolf SJ, Audu CO, Melvin WJ, Mangum K, O’Riordan M, Kinkel SL, Gallagher KA.

European Journal of Immunology. 2020 Jul 14, doi: 10.1002/eji.202048651. 32662520


Epigenetic Regulation of TLR4 in Diabetic Macrophages Modulates Immunometabolism and Wound Repair.

Davis FM, denDekker A, Kimball A, Joshi A, El Azzouny M, Obi AT, Lipinski J, Gudjonsson JE, Xing X, Audu C, Melvin W, Singer K, Henke PK, Moore BB, Burant C, Kunkel SL, Gallagher KA.

The Journal of Immunology 2020 May1;204(9):2503-2513, 2020. 32205424


TNFα Regulates Diabetic Macrophage Function through the Histone Acetyl-transferase, MOF.

denDekker A, Davis FM, Joshi A, Allen R, Lipinski J, Wolf SJ, Nycz D, Bermick J, Moore BB, Gudjonsson JE, Kunkel SL, Gallagher KA.

JCI Insight 5(5):e132306, Mar 2020. 32069267


Regulation of heterotopic ossification by monocytes in a mouse model of aberrant wound healing.

Sorkin M, Huber AK, Hwang C, Carson WF 4th, Menon R, Li J, Vasquez K, Pagani C, Patel N, Li S, Visser ND, Niknafs Y, Loder S, Scola M, Nycz D, Gallagher KA, McCauley LK, Xu J, James AW, Agarwal S, Kunkel S, Mishina Y, Levi B.

Nature Communications 11(1): 722,Feb 2020. 32024825



Research highlighted as a featured "Preview" article: Diabetes Impedes the Epigenetic Switch of Macrophages into Repair Mode.

Gallagher KA.

Immunity 51(2): 199-201, 2019. 31433963


Sepsis Induces Prolonged Epigenetic Modifications in Bone Marrow and Peripheral Macrophages Impairing Inflammation and Wound Healing.

Davis FM, Schaller M, denDekker A, Joshi A, Kimball A, Evanoff H, Wilke C, Cavassani K, Scola M, Carson B, Moser S, Blanc V, Engoren M, Moore BB, Kunkel KL, Gallagher KA.

Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 39(11): 2353-2366, 2019. 31644352


The Histone Methyltransferase, Setdb2, Modulates Macrophage Phenotype and Uric Acid Production in Normal and Diabetic Wound Repair.

Kimball AS, Davis FM, denDekker A, Joshi A, Schaller M, Bermick J, Burant C, Obi A, Nycz D. Robinson S, Allen R, Lukacs N, Henke PK, Moore BB, Kunkel SL, Gallagher KA.

Immunity 51(2): 258-271, 2019. 31350176


Sirt3 Regulates Macrophage-Mediated Inflammation in Diabetic Wound Repair.

Boniakowski A, denDekker A, Davis FM, Joshi A, Kimball AS, Schaller M, Allen R, Bermick J, Nycz D, Skinner M, Robinson S, Obi A, Moore B, Gudjonsson JE, Lombard D, Kunkel S, Gallagher KA.

Journal of Investigative Dermatology 139(12):2528-2537.e2, 2019. 31207226


Epigenetic Mechanisms in Monocyte/Macrophages Regulate Inflammation in Cardiometabolic and Vascular Disease.

Davis FM, Gallagher KA.

Arteriosclerosis Thrombosis Vascular Biology 39(4): 623-634, 2019. 30760015


Histone Methylation Directs Myeloid Toll-like Receptor 4 Expression and Regulates Wound Healing Following Cutaneous Tissue Injury.

Davis FM, denDekker A, Kimball A, Joshi A, Obi A, Singe S, Henke P, Moore B, Kunkel S, Gallagher KA.

The Journal of Immunology 202(6): 1777-1785, 2019. 30710046


Targeting epigenetic mechanisms in diabetic wound healing.

denDekker A, Davis FM, Kunkel SL, Gallagher, KA.

Translational Research 204: 39-50, 2019. 30392877


Chorioamnionitis exposure remodels the unique histone modification landscape of neonatal monocytes and alters the expression of immune pathway genes.

Bermick J, Gallagher KA, denDekker A, Kunkel S, Lukacs N, Schaller M.

FEBS J. 286(1): 82-109, 2019. 30565411



Macrophage chemokine receptor CCR2 plays a crucial role in macrophage recruitment and regulated inflammation in wound healing.

Boniakowski AE, Kimball AS, Joshi A, Schaller M, Davis FM, denDekker A, Moore B, Kunkel SL, Gallagher KA.

European Journal of Immunology 48(9): 1445-1455, 2018. 29879295


Ly6CHi Blood Monocyte/Macrophage Drive Chronic Inflammation and Impair Wound Healing in Diabetes Mellitus.

Kimball AS, Schaller M, Joshi A, Davis FM, denDekker A, Boniakowski AE, Bermick J, Obi AT, Moore B, Henke PK, Kunkel S, Gallagher KA.

Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology Journal 38(5): 1102-1114, 2018. 29496661


Dysfunctional Wound Healing in Diabetic Foot Ulcers.

Davis FM, Kimball AS, Boniakowski A, Gallagher KA.

New Crossroads Current Diabetes Reports: Microvascular Complications - Neuropathy 18(2): 1-8, 2018. 29362914


The Histone Methyltransferase, MLL1, Directs Macrophage- Mediated Inflammation in Wound Healing and is Altered in a Murine Model of Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes.

Kimball A, Joshi A, Carson WF, Boniakowski A, Schaller M, Allen R, Bermick J, Henke PK, Davis, F, Burant CF, Kunkel SL, Gallagher KA.

Diabetes 66(9): 2459-2471, 2017. 28663191


Macrophage-Mediated Inflammation in Normal and Diabetic Wound Healing.

Boniakowski A, Kimball A, Jacobs B, Kunkel SL, Gallagher KA.

The Journal of Immunology 199(1): 17-24, 2017. 28630109


Notch Regulates Macrophage-Mediated Inflammation in Diabetic Wound Healing.

Kimball A, Joshi A, Boniakowski A, Schaller M, Chung J, Allen R, Bermick J, Henke PK, Burant CF, Kunkel SL, Gallagher KA.

Frontiers in Immunology 1(8): 635, 2017. 28620387


The STAT4/MLL1 Epigenetic Axis Regulates the Antimicrobial Functions of Murine Macrophages.

Carson WF 4th, Cavassani KA, Soares EM, Hirai S, Kittan NA, Schaller MA, Scola MM, Joshi A, Matsukawa A, Aronoff DM, Johnson CN, Dou Y, Gallagher KA, Kunkel SL.

Journal of Immunology 199(5): 1865-1874, 2017. 28733487


IFN-γ and TNF-α synergism may provide a link between psoriasis and inflammatory atherogenesis.

Mehta NN, Teague HL, Swindell WR, Baumer Y, Ward NL, Xing X, Baugous B, Johnston A, Joshi AA, Silverman J, Barnes DH, Wolterink L, Nair RP, Stuart PE, Playford M, Voorhees JJ, Sarkar MK, Elder JT, Gallagher KA, Ganesh SK, Gudjonsson JE.

Sci Rep 7(1): 13831, 2017. PM29062018/PMC5653789


Enhancement of macrophage inflammatory responses by CCL2 is correlated with increased miR-9 expression and downregulation of the ERK1/2 phosphatase Dusp6.

Carson WF IV, Salter- Green SE, Joshi A, Gallagher KA, Kunkel SL.

Cellular Immunology 314: 63-7, 2017. 28242024



Alterations in macrophage phenotypes in experimental venous thrombosis.

Gallagher KA, Obi AT, Elfline MA, Hogikyan D, Luke CE, Henke SP, Oostra C, Comerota AJ, Coleman D, Henke PK.

Journal of Vascular Surgery Venous & Lymphatic Disorders 4(4): 463-71, 2016. 27639001


Inflammation as a Therapeutic Target for Diabetic Neuropathies.

Pop-busui R, Ang L, Holmes C, Gallagher KA, Feldman E

Current Diabetes Reports 16(3): 1-10, 2016. 26897744



Research highlighted as a featured article: Epigenetic changes lead to impaired wound healing in patients with T2DM.

Gallagher KA.

Nature Reviews Endocrinology 11: 65, 2015. 25421373



Epigenetic Changes in Bone Marrow Progenitor Cells Influence the Inflammatory Phenotype and Alter Wound Healing in Type 2 Diabetes.

Gallagher KA, Joshi A, Carson WF, Schaller M, Allen R, Mukerjee S, Kittan N, Feldman EL, Henke PK, Hogaboam C, Burant CF, and Kunkel SL.

Diabetes 60(4): 1420-30, 2014. 25368099


Bone Marrow Adipose Tissue Is an Endocrine Organ that Contributes to Increased Circulating Adiponectin during Caloric Restriction.

Cawthorn WP, Scheller EL, Learman BS, Parlee SD, Simon BR, Mori H, Ning X, Bree AJ, Schell B, Broome DT, Soliman SS, DelProposto JL, Lumeng CN, Mitra A, Pandit SV, Gallagher KA, Miller JD, Krishnan V, Hui SK, Bredella MA, Pouneh K. Fazeli, Klibanski A, Horowitz MC, Rosen CJ, MacDougald OA.

Cell Metabolism 20: 1-8, 2014. 24998914



Cytokine induced phenotypic and epigenetic signatures are key to establishing specific macrophage phenotypes.

Kittan NA, Allen RM, Dhaliwal A, Cavassani KA, Schaller M, Gallagher KA, Carson IV WF, Mukhergee S, Grembecka J, Cierpicki T, Jarai G, Westwick J, Kunkel SL, Hogaboam C.

PLoS ONE 8: E78045, 2013. 24205083


Artificial Sweeteners Stimulate Adipogenesis and Suppress Lipolysis Independent of Sweet Taste Receptors

Simon BR, Parlee SD, Learman BS, Mori H, Scheller EL, Cawthorn WP, Ning X, Gallagher KA, Tyrberg B, Assadi-Porter FM, Evans CR, Macdougald OA.

J Biol Chem 288: 32475-89, 2013. 24068707